Emergency Operations Plan

Keeping Families Informed of WLCH's Emergency Operations Plan
Our residents depend on staff to protect them in a disaster or other emergency.
WLCH's Emergency Operations Plan includes every aspect of emergency planning and preparedness. Our training includes detailed information and tips related to:

·Sheltering in place and evacuating;

·Identifying hazards that can affect our facility;

·Responding to fires, tornadoes, winter storms, floods, earthquakes, hazardous materials, missing residents, pandemics, workplace violence, floods, communication failure, utility systems failure, etc.;

·Caring for residents during an emergency; and

·Handling resident and caregiver stress in an emergency.

The Emergency Plans are located at each Nurses Station, Bedrooms, Day Training, andSchool location. The books are accessible to all staff and visitors and are in a orange notebook labeled EMERGENCYOPERATIONS PLAN.

We will include topics specific to safety awareness and hazards in newsletters and at Resident Advisory Council meetings.

In case of evacuation and/or other emergency event, families and stake holders will be notified about plans, how they can be helpful in an emergency (example, should they come to the facility to assist?) and how/where they can plan to meet their loved ones. As part of our evacuation plan, the facility has contracted with other similar facilities in the State to assist with relocation efforts until our building is safe for occupancy. Family members will also be given a number they can call for further or updated information.

Please keep your contact information (cell phone number, email address, etc.) up to date at the facility. In case of emergency situations, we will use these resources to assist us in our mass communication efforts.

As always, the safety and wellness of our residents and staff are a top priority. We appreciate your assistance with our efforts to maintain a safe home for your loved one.