Love is in the Air at Walter Lawson Children's Home

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At Walter Lawson Children’s Home we celebrate every occasion as a sensory experience.  This month our Middle School classroom hosted a Valentine’s Day sensory party for our school and Day Training residents. 

Every guest enjoyed winning a prize at the "Heart Breaker” arrow toss and having their picture taken at the raining hearts photo booth.  Our Middle School classroom provided a tactile table where individuals could run their fingers through confetti, hit a switch to play love songs or shake pom-poms to hear and see the glimmering strands dance in the light.  They wrapped up the event by giving everyone the opportunity to make a floating heart to hang on their chair, bed, or their bedroom.

That evening residents gathered with members of a local high school’s Honor Society to make Valentine cards and decorations to give to their family and friends.  Everyone at Walter Lawson Children’s Home in Loves Park, Illinois, enjoyed having visitors from the community and welcomed them with smiles! Our area high school students were so excited to be a part of this yearly celebration and to meet our residents. 

We appreciate our families, friends, residents, staff and community members for always making our special events memorable. 

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