Wish List

More than 90 residents with severe disabilities live, play, go to school and receive excellent care at Walter Lawson Children's Home.

Below are some suggestions for gifts if you would like to donate items for our residents. These items will increase the opportunities for residents to learn and function to their maximum ability.

Small Equipment

Children and adults alike may not have the fine motor skills to operate toys with traditional switches, so we look for toys that can be easily adapted for resident use including:
  • Adaptable Musical Instruments (keyboards, voice/sound activated instruments, etc.)
  • Adapted (Age Appropriate) Toys (switches, batteries, etc.)
We are also in need of adaptable computer stands, touch screen monitors, age and skill appropriate computer programs and computer access kits.

For our Snoezelen room, we need various sensory equipment (lights, sounds, tactile, etc.)

A few sources for the above items can be purchased at Enabling Devices, Speech Bin, and Flaghouse. You can also purchase gift certificates for switches online at Enabling Devices.

Large Equipment and Building
We are also in need of large equipment for our resident use including:
  • Bedroom furniture and beds
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vans
  • Mechanical lifts
  • Respiratory equipment (ABI Vests)
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Sensory garden including textured plants, attractive butterfly bushes
To make a donation for any of these items, please contact Walter Lawson at (815) 633-6636 or donate online today.